Monday, September 29, 2008

Yours Truly

So by daily readings about the mayhem in the country founded by a law abiding statesman Our Quaid (the only) ,I think I have a solution to the problem of Pakistanis.

My country is a don state and the solution lies with these three Dons:Sharif,Hussain,Zardari!

I am addressing to the respective self proclaimed monarchs of three parties in my country:

Please ask your followers following tasks, so we may be yours truly:

1.Follow traffic rules.
2.Follow Law.
3.Don't give and take bribe.
4.Don't cheat.
5.Don't Lie.
6.Be honest in your trades.
7.Be proud and respectable.
8.Develop patience towards people with different opinion.
9.Treat women with honour.
10.Show courage to conquer your own demons.

But in reality,who is going to do this,a cheater is always a cheater!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Collective Conscience

when I see the democratic processes in different parts of world(not in Pakistan) it represent the collective conscious of that nation.A nation is judged by her collective conscience in history and all glory or failure depends on the common men collective conscience.The real question for everyone is "where am I standing?"