Tuesday, January 15, 2013

" cage of age "

He was in his nineties and still ticking as he described himself. Getting older is a true human legacy; aging with grace is a nice souvenir to have. He was talking to me as he was assessed for possible dementia after he suffered from a transient ischemic attack.

Knowing him brought to us the unexpected treasure hunt in our own lives; we were getting older as we discussed during rounds.

Life as we know can be defined as a living in false escapes. We can’t escape wrinkles, falls, inconveniences, diseases and doctors appointments. We strive for a life as it slips out of our bodies from this moment to the following moment until moment count is over.

To some, death is the ultimate escape from life. They know that rewards here are temporary as are sufferings; still they struggle to have it all no matter what.

Others strive to understand a balance between what matters. They are the one who know that our soul carriers namely our bodies are caged in an age log, and some day we all have to turn over our limited carriers to something gentle and light like a whisper of an angel’s wing.

A stress free body is a soul’s spa. Now is the time to act.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

" understanding mind-body connection "

She was suffering from a pneumonia, congestive heart failure and renal insufficiency but the major issue was her severe arthritis. Her pain exacerbation was managed with medications and we saw a good response.

She was among one of those patients who asked me about how my day was going every time I visited her. Every time when she asked,  I replied that it’s my line; every time it brought smile on her face. 

I remembered her interaction with me and her claims of keeping a positive thoughtful mind to heal an ailing body.

To some, a mind body connection heals us all. The belief may comes from the notion that the positivity of thoughts creates positive fields of energy for healing and recovery. But it is not a simple recipe, as we all know.

Others while understanding the strength of connections go beyond. They are the ones who know that the positivity of thoughts count but the neutrality of mind matters. It is that neutral mind which let the Universe in to channel  what is required like healing and hope..

I wonder with amazement that even positive thoughts can be polarizing and may even delay creativity. I think that  keeping a neutral mind may be the biggest challenge for a mind body connection seeker.