Tuesday, January 1, 2013

" understanding mind-body connection "

She was suffering from a pneumonia, congestive heart failure and renal insufficiency but the major issue was her severe arthritis. Her pain exacerbation was managed with medications and we saw a good response.

She was among one of those patients who asked me about how my day was going every time I visited her. Every time when she asked,  I replied that it’s my line; every time it brought smile on her face. 

I remembered her interaction with me and her claims of keeping a positive thoughtful mind to heal an ailing body.

To some, a mind body connection heals us all. The belief may comes from the notion that the positivity of thoughts creates positive fields of energy for healing and recovery. But it is not a simple recipe, as we all know.

Others while understanding the strength of connections go beyond. They are the ones who know that the positivity of thoughts count but the neutrality of mind matters. It is that neutral mind which let the Universe in to channel  what is required like healing and hope..

I wonder with amazement that even positive thoughts can be polarizing and may even delay creativity. I think that  keeping a neutral mind may be the biggest challenge for a mind body connection seeker.


Joy said...

Truly profound and thought-provoking...as usual.

Farhan Jalil said...

It's true that excess of everything is bad and excess of positivity is no exception to it.

TariqMian said...

How can one maintain an independent mind when there is an ongoing manufacturing of the mindset based on dishonesty? People tend to follow information/disinformation to form their opinion based on polarized thinking.
Nevertheless, positive thoughts are the best available tools to stay blinded with regard to the stubborn treacherous environment all around you.
And, question of creativity has nothing to do with facts.

Mishi said...

i wish i could have this neutral mind at this phase of my life, i so need it...and btw Hello Danish:) hope you are doing fine...

Jean said...

I found this post to have a bounty of ideas to study.As you say, "But it is not a simple recipe, as we all know."

Understanding the mind-body connection is not simple. But your words, "neutrality of mind matters. It is that neutral mind which let the Universe in to channel what is required like healing and hope." have much to study.

As you say, "keeping a neutral mind may be the biggest challenge for a mind body connection seeker."

Thank you for opening up several channels mentioned in your post to understand this deep thought area.

Blessings to you.

Kiran Ashraf said...

Me back to bloggy world after a long time and missed your blog :)

There was a time when I use to tell people that all those positivity n having a mind body connection can heal a person but they didn't believe me until they witnessed it during an incident. Its hard to describe, the whole connection as to how we can become the strength of a person through our mind n how they can recover from ailments just by that power.

K.B said...

Understanding mind body connection and to maintain it amicably intact this is out put of a healthy mind. One should not suffer for other doing. Saying Too Good is too Bad. Let face their own doings. Be normal and sympathetic. This is positivity of a cool mind one should not lecture to be positive to please others simply to have a smile at the cost to disturb his own mindset.