Tuesday, January 15, 2013

" cage of age "

He was in his nineties and still ticking as he described himself. Getting older is a true human legacy; aging with grace is a nice souvenir to have. He was talking to me as he was assessed for possible dementia after he suffered from a transient ischemic attack.

Knowing him brought to us the unexpected treasure hunt in our own lives; we were getting older as we discussed during rounds.

Life as we know can be defined as a living in false escapes. We can’t escape wrinkles, falls, inconveniences, diseases and doctors appointments. We strive for a life as it slips out of our bodies from this moment to the following moment until moment count is over.

To some, death is the ultimate escape from life. They know that rewards here are temporary as are sufferings; still they struggle to have it all no matter what.

Others strive to understand a balance between what matters. They are the one who know that our soul carriers namely our bodies are caged in an age log, and some day we all have to turn over our limited carriers to something gentle and light like a whisper of an angel’s wing.

A stress free body is a soul’s spa. Now is the time to act.


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I'm a bit torn by your post. It's beautifully written and very thoughtful, but my grandparents and favorite aunt are in their 90's. I believe that there is a Heaven, but I am not ready to let them go. My grandad promises he will be here another 10 years at least. I believe him...He is still full of life and energy. I pray he is correct...I am not ready for him, my nanny or auntie to depart this world.

Jean said...

As always, your post makes me rethink what I believe as the norm.

My soul does needs a spa. It is my choice to give my soul (and its body carrier) time to rest in harmony with the whispers that are to come.

Sumaiya Hasan said...

There is a wonderful quote by J.K Rowling in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows..
"The last enemy that shall be defeated is death"
This means we can defeat death by still living after death...and thats when we live in the hearts of other people because they still have place in their hearts for us even after we die...and how do we make this happen??by being kind to people and helping them when we are alive...so no need to strive for this life as we all are sure tht it will end one day even if you donot wish it to end...strive to defeat the death like J.K said!!No worries..

Kiran Ashraf said...

You have been awarded :)


Anonymous said...

very thoughtful thought .well said
'A stress free body is a soul's spa.
Now is the time to act'.waiting for new post.

TariqMian said...

Time is running and if we pause, catching up is too difficult to handle.
Everything keeps vanishing as there is nothing constant but change.
We must be ready to face the truth about ourselfself and about our Creator.
Fact of Mortality remains for us to act accordingly.
Daanish, I love your artistic and creative work which is almost close to REALITY indeed!