Sunday, April 24, 2016

“forgetting names, remembering numbers”

Losing a valet full of credit cards, cash, drivers' license and a pinup picture is bad, but losing a mind full of memories, thoughts, numbers, images and all that constitutes our being must be a nightmare.  Those were his words; he had suffered a stroke.  Limitations of finding words, issues with memory and living a life trying to fill in the blanks, as he summarized it.  "I am still good with numbers", a voice with a pause claimed, and I dared not challenge him.

As I spoke with him, his answers were a conversation of less words and more pauses, I saw his affect while struggling to express words to fill in the blanks, a space created by the powerful effect of a stroke which affected the speech center of his brain.

To some, forgetfulness is a natural way of not dealing with a situation or even it comes to them with  some degree of innocence.

Others, struggle to keep their mindfulness even after losing a part of brain, the power house of all struggles, solutions, happiness, sorrows created and cherished by us all.

The cliché of mind over machine, the mind body connection, what is good for you is good for me, world peace;  all is there when it is connected, proving that all are not created equal without what is called.......pause…he smiled as he was looking at me, so much to say but hard to find the words.