Thursday, September 16, 2010

"paper cuts"

She was visiting to see a patient.There was something different about her which caught my attention.She was wearing a long flowery dress,and rather awkwardly dark make up and lipstick.She was a pretty girl at some point. In a moment all those thoughts of why,how,may be,definitely came to my mind.Those were thoughts of judgement,when we judge other people and label them.As we say that was the defining moment when we mentally undress other person for one reason or other.

I thought she don't have to show off this much.She walked by me,I kept my thoughts to myself,but I had noticed that her feet were rather swollen and she had a generalised rash.The thoughts which were there a few moments ago transformed into rather a new perspective.She was not what she looked a few moments ago.She was trying to hide disease of her skin,a condition, which I knew,felt like paper cuts.

I understood then something about life.All that dress up and all that make up was the struggle to hide all,hoping to change her skin like a dress.

I wondered then,as I wonder now.How the concept of inner beauty remains so cursory in our world of impressions.Beauty certainly is an interesting contradiction.

I felt for her and I kept her secret.


Americanising Desi said...

it is strange - something about this woman makes me curious

Calm Cool said...

using appearance as a shield to her disease.

Kadri Luik said...

It is strange how those things that shouldn't matter can matter so much. I'd rather claim to be "on a diet" than say that I have diabetes. When people say "Oh that's a nasty bruise" I agree rather than explain that they just saw my skin condition that I'm trying to hide.

It shouldn't matter to me, I am still who I am, but logic fails me in such situations.