Saturday, September 18, 2010

" I want to get married"

She was 20 and beautiful.She had a smiley face with short life expectancy.Everyone knew from beginning but no one want to believe.You have to see her to become an unbeliever.How she can die,the question with unmerciful answer.She was dying,rather fast with cystic fibrosis.

All our efforts were finally failing.I was assigned to discuss end of life with this patient. As I entered her room to tell her about her condition and our thoughts,she looked at me with teary eyes and said",I don't want to die".

The moment was stopped,life frezed.I was with tears in my eyes.I agreed with her that this is not the time to die",but we all will die at some point in time". She agreed and with a smile she said,"I want to get married".

Over next 12 hours she was married to love of her life.

How death takes away a life,it does seem so cruel when we see a random happening.To some it is a path of life, like a passage from here to there.