Thursday, September 9, 2010

"let her die"

She was a special patient,an earthquake survivor,now a cardiac arrest survivor with a residual stroke.On a lighter note,what else she needed to prove that she was here to survive,until she had to deal with this tumor in her abdomen which was growing,bleeding and killing her.This tumor was now her survival challenge. As I took care of her,I noticed an enlarging tumor which was bleeding inside and she was dying now.

She was followed up by specialists,who made their final verdict.Let her die comfortably, put her on morphine drip.I had discussions about that and her final preparations with her daughter,who showed her firm belief and faith in God Almighty,and she took it as it was with hope for a miracle.

In matter of days her tumor got complicated with growth which no one can see and the bleeding which everyone can see.Surprisingly she became more interactive with signs of improvement.Then what happened which only happens in movies,a physician offer to intervene and over a matter of days a surgeon agreed to operate and finally removed the tumor.That made her a tumor survivor.

How some people die while other survive is fascinating.Who make those decisions. Whether living or dying is a free will or predestined domain is open for discussion.The concept of code status and subject of comfortably dying looks like all cursory. We relate death with pain.May be it is disease which is painful but death,who knows what it is like to go through except to those dying now and all of us at some point in time,just not yet.

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you bring new prespective,I am thinking.......