Saturday, September 11, 2010

"she wanted to go home"

She had this look of grandmother,and I was her physician.She had her fair share of health related issues,aging was certainly not one of them.She was 91 and she was keep going.

She had bounced back to her baseline after many episodes of pneumonias,urinary tract infections and skin break downs.Even she came off of ventilator to her credit. One of her hallmark was her being a yankee fan in the hardcore redsox nation.

The other day in my daily rounds,I was told that she looked somewhat upset.I tried to ask her few questions,there were limited answers,due to limitations of tracheostomy.Finally,it was narrowed down to one answer as a tear drop rolled down on her cheeks.It was known to all that she wanted to go home.What a heartbreak,as she could not. No one can take her home as her daughter had her own issues.

How this intense desire of going home lives on in some people's mind is truly heart breaking.On one hand their souls are trapped in an aging body which does not want to just give up.On the other hand their mind keep pushing their desire to go home.This might be the struggle of a mind and a soul carried on at the expence of a decaying body.I guess this playground is just way beyond our immagination of living a life as we know.

To some,I wonder,dementia might be a blessing,offcourse in case by case basis !

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Anonymous said...

mind is terrible thing to lose.