Thursday, September 2, 2010

"he is a good man"

I got him as a patient with a challenge.The wife wanted him to get better so that she can take him home.In usual situation it was not a big deal.But in this case,the odds were desperately odd. He was on mechanical ventilator with multitude of problems..

How humans love and keep loving is beyond imagination.
One day she showed me their wedding pictures,nicely saved as a treasure.It was time captured in moments of joy.Sometimes I wish,"lets just freeze in happy times".A smile,cheese,here it is moment.The forever 'aha moment.

Then she kissed her husband,and told me that "he is a good man,he took good care of her when he was healthy".
I saw a glow on her face with a deep shade of sorrow in her eyes.That was love in action:smile,joy,sparkle,tears;all components of being in love.

In the coming days,I saw her involved,caring,maintaining the fine line not to offend egos of doctors and nurses She was there just to have the best out of a sad situation she was in. Every day she had the same goal of taking her husband back to their home. May be some day,but there and then,it was a sad love story.A princess was losing her prince in every passing by moment.

How some people try to make the best out of their worst life situations is really amazing.Can that be a simple blessing or is that a wise choice.What ever is the reason,their ways of dealing with their lives make them living a life full of human experiences.

To some living the fullest human experience is the ultimate spiritual experience of all times.

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Anonymous said...

I like the line :"living the fullest human experience is the ultimate spiritual experience of all times".