Monday, September 6, 2010

"God's way of her promotion"

As I was discussing the poor prognosis of her husband,who was on a ventilator with high grade fever,I was doing the most difficult task of saying the most unpleasant truth about life.He was dying.The wife took a sigh and said,"do what you can,and I trust you".Then she continued,"for the last many days I am asking God to keep him safe in His Hands,I don't know what to do?"

She told me that when she lost her 6 years old daughter,she could not speak a single word.Now she can and probably this is a God's way of her promotion to deal with this situation.

How do people comprehend God's way of doing things is amazingly insightful.


UTP said...

positivity... gets us through life...

Americanising Desi said...

i need positivity in my life

Kadri Luik said...

During my fathers sudden illness and then death I've been a bit fascinated to see how people around me have dealt with it all. The ways we all have reacted and acted has been vastly different but the core meaning, the intention of what we have done has all been the same. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you can't speak a single word, the core intent of you wishes/hopes/prayers will still get through.

I always hope for the best for the person. It might not be what I want but in a situation like that there is no room for my own selfish wishes.

As they say; "Sometimes god's greatest gift in an unanswered prayer."