Friday, September 10, 2010

"from your loving son"

One day I entered this patent's room,his eyes were close,he was coughing with phlegm at the tracheotomy tube,he just needed suction.I did suction and he looked better.His parents were there and they told me," their son had been challenged since birth but he always had the best smile in the whole world".

This was their way of loving,dealing with the ultimate sadness of living through ones child suffering.To be there then and now,to defend and protect their bundle of joy.

I saw a statement on the notice board,and I asked politely,who wrote this;

"#1 dad,from your loving son".His father read with a smile in his voice.
Yes,when we treasure someone our voice has an expression of love,a joy we can't hide.

I knew that patient can't read,write,talk but yes he can communicate in ways only a parent and child can do.If doing so made them happy,I was happy for them.

How some people accept their situations,and struggle at the same time is striking.To some this is the way of living when one is a parent who takes care of a child in the struggle of a life time.

Let's salute to their beautiful hearts.

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Anonymous said...

sad but true reality.