Thursday, May 18, 2017

“words have meaning and taste”

The day I met him I knew somehow that he will be fine.  The inner voice was strong enough to guide me to be guided when faith was tested and shadows blurred the source of light.  He was brought in the emergency room dead after an accident with broken bones and head injury, as he landed down on pavement while doing a roofing job. Why he landed on the ground when he was up there was a question up in the air. There were theories, the rumors, blames, complaints, struggles and bad visual of a fallen fellow man who was wrapped up thoroughly as to keep rest of him in one place.

Then one day he woke up to surprise us all. What made him survive was the question for another day but his recovery was seemed as a modern day miracle. The availability of artificial ventilation, pressor, oxygen, multispecialty care, well developed man made emergency medical services and life sustaining facilities were counted  for as his blessings. Words are not important until we try to interpret them with meanings of our own biases or intellectual ego. Words have meanings and tastes, as he woke up and utter few words. Life is precious to cherish as a gift received from the most high. Those were his words with meanings of its own and certainly tasted delicious at that moment.
To some - words are sounds created by air movement through a harmonious dance of tongue in the voice box with vocal cords by the passage of guided air flow, adjusted by fine tunings by the brain. Their daily practice of using it as per societal norms make it perfect.

Others care less of their words as every things goes like in comedy and politics. Words have meanings of its own and taste of its own creation, wide audience to interpret as it suit them, and mostly deceiving and or for fun.