Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ramadan,the month of blessings is here and I wonder why ?
Things don’t change with my people,and my land............ !

I don't wonder anymore !

People of my land make news with making artificial shortages.
They lie,cheat,hoard,deceive.
They cannot follow traffic laws,they cannot respect life and liberty.

I wonder why people from my land wonder;
Don’t wonder,it is simple;

Beside their leaders,
People themselves are low in character,faith and discipline.
They are victim of their own deeds: Karma.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"a long distance affair"

On my iphone, I saw uTube videos;
The videos of the town, streets, people of the city; I left behind.
Yes,things have been changed.

Ages old images,which froze in my mind then,are not there any more.
No more delicate eastern romance.
No more faith,unity,discipline.
No more institutions.
No more people to proud of,
No more principles to die for.

Yes,I love to live in those frozen past images as realities........
Then I saw uTube videos on my iphone.
It felt like all of my memories were a cliche’ of a long distance affair.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"upfront declaration"

In the beginning,middle or end of our love lives;
There are no dead lines.
There are no ultimatums.

At first I love you,
Then I hate you,
And finally I am walking away.

First you love me,
Then you hate me,
And finally you are pulling away.

You see,we fall and fail in love together;

As love is an up front declaration, not a back ground diplomacy.