Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ramadan,the month of blessings is here and I wonder why ?
Things don’t change with my people,and my land............ !

I don't wonder anymore !

People of my land make news with making artificial shortages.
They lie,cheat,hoard,deceive.
They cannot follow traffic laws,they cannot respect life and liberty.

I wonder why people from my land wonder;
Don’t wonder,it is simple;

Beside their leaders,
People themselves are low in character,faith and discipline.
They are victim of their own deeds: Karma.


Daanish said...

No more wishful thinking,my people you are not ready for glory :(

Kadri Luik said...

Such sad words...
Though it's true; you are what you do.

Americanising Desi said...

:) your words after a long time seem refreshing!

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That's the problem ..
"MY" land ??

or "OUR" land :) ??

well written Daanish

uglyduckling91 said...

Well said. :)

Ash said...

because eveyr body has started thinking of his own self insted of US
this ME , ME and ME is breaking all the elements of US

Emmett losing weight said...

Interesting, karma is a big thing in my book.

Daanish said...

thanks for comments,yes me need to change into we/us/our in heart,mind and spirit to bring a positive change !!

M. Umer Toor said...

Full of wisdom...

Allah humaein islah ki taufeeq day

A hadith tells that the hearts of rulers are in the hand of God. When their people obey Him, Allah makes the hearts of rulers merciful and kind towards their people. But when they disobey, He punishes them through their rulers. So in the latter situation Prophet advised not to waste time in lamenting about bad rulers, rather the people should turn at once towards and rectify their wrongs.