Saturday, August 27, 2011

"tomorrow's headline"

He walked in the operation room to never walk again.He said,if he was smart enough he would had walked away from hospital that day.

Life,as usual threw a lemon but that was not making a lemonade moment,so I did not said a word.

He was diagnosed and treated for abdominal aneurysm.After surgery,his life changed from being on two feet to being paralysed hip down.

I saw his daily struggle for each and every drug,prescription,intervention we recommended.He always asked question,always refused in the beginning and always agreed in the end.As time went by I felt for him,who would not do what he was doing by going through what he had gone through.A tragedy of life;never to walk again.

Sometimes tomorrow's headline can be avoided but in his case a news became a tragedy.

To some,our disclosure in terms of risks versus benefit of an intervention is just a talk,nothing happens.To others,the worse possibility happens like winning a tragedy lottery.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"from your mouth to God's ear"

She was admitted with a fall which led to a broken neck.She required mechanical ventilation to keep her alive.Days of her life changed as she started to learn doing things differently with her disability.

One day she told me that she was never religious but wonder how can she become a religious person now.She was regretful of the lost time as she was turning eighty.As we talked about God and religion,she asked,where was God when she had a fall.Then she questioned,why that happened to her,what good has done to her by God by allowing her to fall.

As days turn into weeks and she was getting better,we did talked about power of prayers as it is;from your mouth to God's ear.

To some,a fall is a fall even though some fall raise them from a mortal to an eternal life of knowing.
To others,God's ways are His ways,we may or may not understand: "we have no knowledge but that which Thou hast taught us;surely Thou art the Knowing.the Wise".