Monday, November 30, 2009

"a castle of love"

Hey !
Stop whining,and start building,
This is the left over of a promised love,
How long we are going to whine, lets shine as the dawn breaks a new day.

Stop fantasizing !
There is no Cinderella,no Prince Charming,no Santa out there.
Just you and me are here,
Lets stop whining and start building, a castle of love.

"do more"

Their demand to 'do more', just put smile on my face.
I wonder will we ever learn to put down our foot and say, "it’s your turn".

I wonder will we ever stand up to our own national interests.
I wonder will we ever start behaving like a power.
I wonder will we ever stop doing what we are doing now.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"man to man"

Man in power hiding behind their bullet proof lives.
Men on street exposed to bullets and bombs.

Man in power stressed with greed of power.
Men on street stressed with power of greed.

I wonder how our elite are so shameless in their lives,
I wonder how our citizen are so shameless in their lives.

I wonder when truth will speak like man to man ;
”You get your rulers from your own herd”.

Just look around; "alas! citizen and elite are of same breed ".

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"collateral damage"

A heart bleed for those who died in the name of collateral damage.

People are dying of unnatural causes over here.
People are killing people in the name of their hate.

A heart bleed for those who died as a collateral damage.

People are looking at their dead, numb with tears of blood asking;
Can someone has any conscience out there?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"kala kola leaders"

I saw pictures of you and you and you:
Mr.Prime Minister,
Mr.Chief Minister,
Mr.Leader from London,
Mr.Opposition Leader,
And now The UAE Chief's pictures……………………………….!

What is going on?
Just one thought for them:”grow up,stop acting like teens” .
“Your people need your wisdom and actions”.
“No more jets or jet black haired faces leading us”.
"I wish,may your inside is not as dyed as your hair".