Friday, October 31, 2008

It Happened Again

It happens again,as they say love at first site,memories live for ever!
OK ,it happened not to someone but to me and I am in love!

My love story goes like this:

I vividly remember that when I first saw her,she looks so hot in her green and white colored scarf,don't take me wrong but her site besides giving me palpitations, also gave me some pretty wild ideas too! (I am singing now,a love song.......................)

I remember that when I looked at her,I start seeing moon and star plus goose bumps!

I even thought of my future with her,a life together and what not!

But then,as in life things happens,so things did happened!

I never told anyone about my love for her.

But now,it happened again!
I dream about her!
I miss her!

I know she is a superstar!
I know,she is loved by millions and cheated by hundreds.

I just want to let her know that in my eyes she is always hot and I am her lover.
I know she is sad now, but I want to tell her, my love don't be sad,I am here for you!

It happened again,love works in mysterious ways!
You have me at hello,
my motherland:my superstar and my love!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nobel Prize

I wish some day I will get a Nobel Prize,but for now I would like to share my thoughts about getting a nobel prize for this country now (in present tense)

I think people of Pakistan should be nominated at least for the nobel prize in some category, say in human sufferings:The Champions of Sufferers.

The criteria can be very stringent but we are Pakistanis,a wounded nation with stabs from its own,we can easily compete with other countries!

No electricity,still same electric bill,who cares
No safe water,who cares
No flour,who cares
No safety,who cares
No business,who cares
No stock exchange,who cares
No law,who cares
No justice,who cares
No leader,only jugglers,jokers and thieves,who cares
No parliament,a dummy parliament with a demo- elected dictator president,who cares
No elected minister of interior,who cares
No jobs for well deserved educated people,who cares
No respect to countrymen,can be for sale to other nations,who cares

No hope
No future

My fellow countrymen are still living and keep on living against so many odds.
My fellow countrymen you deserve this Nobel Prize!

I wish you the best.
I love you!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Today is my birthday.I am years old now and happy.
I would like to age gracefully.You know,those" old" people (no,not Santa Claus)
you see them and say wow!

I also wonder why we don't count age, say from 100 minus per year,that way age can be standardized:who can make it to zero,another perk!

By the way,I did a cool mind search and found following:

Birth Size Predicts Cancer Risk?
Although it's controversial to be sure, there could be a link between a baby girl's birth size and her risk of breast cancer as an adult.The link gives detail:

Birth Month Impacts Your Cancer Risk
The time of year in which you're born may influence your risk of developing brain cancer as an adult.The link gives detail:

I think when we ponder on every aspect of life,we loose the sight and forget the art of living.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Secret Finger Length Reveals

Is it just a coincidence,Eid was just here and O'boy,O' boy those hands with mehndi .
I did a cool mind search:A Secret Finger Length Reveals.

It says:
"Look at the length of your index finger in relation to your ring finger. If your index finger is longer, you're probably a couch potato. If your ring finger is longer, chances are you love to exercise"

The whole link is like this:

I looked at celebrities hands and guessing!

By the way, I am a ring type!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Celebrating 2 Eids

EID MUBARAK,but do you think that celebrating eid on different days is a muslim-divided theme or just a tradition, should we accept that and move on or remain bitter as most people feels!

Lets just enjoy!