Friday, October 3, 2008

Celebrating 2 Eids

EID MUBARAK,but do you think that celebrating eid on different days is a muslim-divided theme or just a tradition, should we accept that and move on or remain bitter as most people feels!

Lets just enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I think we should accept divided eid as tradition and just enjoy.

Mubi said...

well two eids in punjab and previously it was NWFP.. it is disturbing to have a festival such as eid, which rests on the foundations of celebrating with unity, with our brothers and sisters of the same faith being held separately coz of some unnecessary clashes..its sad.

Anonymous said...

Nice topic,and I think people should not take it so seriously,different eid days as possible is a festivitive is action.Muslim should focus on unity in other aspect rather then on just an occasion.

They should be united in honesty,truth,justice,human right,etc to show their traits rather then a day of eid.

Daanish said...

@ Anon: thanks for your comments.

@Mubi: thanks for your comments,don't be sad!
FYI:Mubi is a town in Adamawa state, Nigeria.

@Anon:Well Said!

Calm Cool said...

we follow lunar calender, so the possibility having different days always remains.
i think their is no use of being to much serious in this issue, bcz in reality its not at all an issue.
visibility of moon decides the day, its all natural not a man made trick. so we should consider this fact seriously. bt sadly we don't.

apart from this it is a serious issue when people here, specialy in NWFP decide only on the basis of 1 reason i.e; as moon is sighted in Saudi Arab dats y we r celebrating eid or fasting the very nxt day. this approach is wrong as itself denies the rules of the nature which we r supposed to follow.
how it can b possible dat evry yr, juz aftr UAE ramadan or eid 1st day, mooon is sighted only @ de mountains of sarhad bt not in the whole country the same eve.....
it is unbelievable & illogical as it can b happened once or twice in repetition bt not evry yr!

so i think our govt. should decide n our people must think one thing, whether we r going to follow our region lunar schedule or UAE n Saudi's one. or if we can't (like we does) so juz accept it & enjoy.

Calm Cool said...

i agreed with annon.