Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nobel Prize

I wish some day I will get a Nobel Prize,but for now I would like to share my thoughts about getting a nobel prize for this country now (in present tense)

I think people of Pakistan should be nominated at least for the nobel prize in some category, say in human sufferings:The Champions of Sufferers.

The criteria can be very stringent but we are Pakistanis,a wounded nation with stabs from its own,we can easily compete with other countries!

No electricity,still same electric bill,who cares
No safe water,who cares
No flour,who cares
No safety,who cares
No business,who cares
No stock exchange,who cares
No law,who cares
No justice,who cares
No leader,only jugglers,jokers and thieves,who cares
No parliament,a dummy parliament with a demo- elected dictator president,who cares
No elected minister of interior,who cares
No jobs for well deserved educated people,who cares
No respect to countrymen,can be for sale to other nations,who cares

No hope
No future

My fellow countrymen are still living and keep on living against so many odds.
My fellow countrymen you deserve this Nobel Prize!

I wish you the best.
I love you!


JDèé said...

It's Nobel, actually.

Anonymous said...

Sarcastic much?

Yepp, the spelling above [just edit it!]

Calm Cool said...

we r talented u know hmmm but who cares :s
:D :p

Calm Cool said...

yep surely pakistani's r worthy enough for a nobel...

one category u missed:
fighting, killing & suffering for America's so called war on terror, bt who cares!

Daanish said...

jdee,thanks for correction!

hfm,thanks for correction!

calm cool, a cool and calm thanks!I just said between the lines,you know how we dare to say!

Calm Cool said...


Mubi said...

i think we should hold onto hope, at least though i agree on other things.

Zulfiqar Gul said...

y is every1 calling this war America's war? now it's very much our war. agree, v shudn have jumped into sum1 else's war in first place. bt since v did, no let's give our 100% to take to its logical end. there's no point being halfhearted now.

Daanish said...

thank you all for comments:)