Monday, May 28, 2012

“hate destroys all so does love”

He was admitted with multiple medical issues but his emphysema was the one limiting his being. He was not able to eat, drink or sleep due to his fear of not being able to breath. The fear was real, so to speak.

As his days of life in the hospital passed by, his condition showed some signs of improvement

I saw he was able to eat, talk and sleep. One thing was missing ; no one had seen him smile. He had no visitors, no one to fall back on, no arms to circle around him. He was a loner and a complainer; he hates everything that was his reputation.

To some finding problems in each and every thing life offers is easy, that is their way of life. They are the ones who miss out on life's offerings pains and pleasures; as hate destroys all, so does love of hate.

Others cherish life with dignity with no place for hate, knowing that you become where you put your thoughts and it shows up on your face in the circle of life.