Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"to become a flower"

He loved flowers that was so obvious with his hospital room which was a picture of a mini garden of roses, tulips and other varieties. He was a gardener by profession that was the cause of his problem too. He was admitted with a skin infection.

One day I asked him about his thoughts about flowers. He said that some days he just want to become a flower as flowers are givers of hope, encouragement, color and life. He told me that when you give hope, appreciate and encourage some one you become a flower. He smiled and continued, try it some day you will feel like a flower: light, colorful, divine.

Time has gone by until recently I thought about those words; when you give hope and encouragement to someone that is the becoming of a flower from bud to full blossom.

To some a flower is a sign of ultimate feelings of remembrance:love, sorrow,joy.

Others remind us the becoming of a flower when they say “and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” *

*a quote Anais Nin

Friday, February 24, 2012

" lets postpone death"

He was suffering with a diagnosis of failing lungs and his lungs were unable to do the basic function of oxygenation. The disease was progressive and the prognosis was poor.

The dilemma was that he wanted to live and death was not yet imminent. There was struggle, argument, desire, wish but no hope. That was a phase of shadows as I saw his death peaking through the corridors of passing by tomorrows.

One day he asked me, lets postpone death. I looked at him with humility. I said nothing. That was a perfect nothing I knew then but I still remember that moment of nonverbal communication, and how badly I wished I could..

Some follow their course of disease and life as “all diseases run into one, old age.”*
Others who are diagnosed with cancers,they get calendars of death in terms of 3 month survival to years of survival. Then there are those who surprise us, they live beyond their calendars.

I wonder with feelings of random joy in some predictions to level of sheer sadness in other cases. Probably the word sad summarizes it all: struggles,arguments,desires.

*a Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"fog on a shower mirror"

He was a teacher, and I guess teacher never retire. So was him,always trying to teach something as we took care of him. I kind of like him as a patient. He was a philosopher with a sound mind, which was amazing at his age of eighty eight.

One day I told him that his medical history was long but I hoped that his resume might be longer than that. He smiled and replied in a funny way that he did not want to leave a medical legacy like a disease after his name but he wanted to leave behind a legacy of mind..

As days goes by in hospital, one day he talked to us about shadows.He asked us to think that why we have shadows when we walk toward light and why there is a fog on a shower mirror after we end up a bath.

You don't find shadows in the dark or a fog on a shower mirror when you go in for a shower.He continued to enlighten us by saying that life's challenges reveal as shadows or fog. The work is to become pure and part of the light. Darkness hide shadows only to reveal to those who walk towards light as a warrior of light to conquer their own shadows

What was that all about? I still wonder sometimes.

Sometime it is not what we assume and sometime what we assume is not what it is.

Friday, February 10, 2012

"nothing but my presence in a present moment count"

She was suffering from a metastatic cancer with a painful tangle around her spine sending waves of pain in her existence.It was a sad day like other days as we took care of her She was managed with pain killers to relieve some of what was killing her.Besides her cancer; pain,fear and anxiety were her existential enemies.She was  miserable in front of our eyes,making us feel her pain when we were not ready to feel anything. Every day I saw a dying women who knew that she was dying but she was not ready to die.She had not accepted that.There was no acceptance,.the good,bad and ugly sides of death.

As I took care of her  I developed a connection of trust.I felt her pain and she became aware of that. One day I saw a smile on her face for a brief moment.I thanked her pain to giving her back a brief breathing moment.I was happy. As I explored my treatment plan,she told me that nothing but my presence in a present moment counted.." If you are here you would like to be more than a head count,you should  like to be present in that moment"..

To some our presence in a moment is all that needed to relieve some of their pains though temporarily.
Others within our ranks won't even try to be beyond a head count.They are the one who are absent in a present moment.They are one who miss out the most powerful remedy in their sleeve called presence which is sometimes mightier than a pill.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

"can luck be a matter of choice"

He had a life full of adventures and a history of falling and getting up to face what comes next.

I saw him during his treatment and told him that he was a lucky man to be alive compared to man in his age and with his life style. Besides a history of a few broken bones nothing else was broken.He disagreed, he considered himself not so lucky.

I wondered about luck as I always considered luck an absolute happening against odds of possibilities. He had money and choices, how come he did not feel lucky as luck can be on demand for him.But it is what you want so badly knowing that it may not happen but can happen not knowing how. And When it happen that is luck.

To some onetime winning of a lottery is a matter of an absolute luck, others survive life’s punches on a daily basis and feel not so lucky.

Can  luck be a matter of choice, an inflated word underappreciated daily.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"a good heart can be a bad heart"

At one time he was young and full of dreams. Then he got older as we all do. Aging is a measure of time when we look at ourselves. Sometimes our reflection in mirror tells us the truth, other times an in depth vision of CAT scan make us see through in and out. The premise of nothing to hide,the true nature of our being revealed as such without make up.

He was suffering from a failing heart,what we called cardiomyopathy.

He had a good heart, always giving, always forgiving. His family and friends had same opinion. I saw his ailing heart was struggling to keep pumping life force in his body, I wondered about the fate of a good heart.

Some hearts belong to the heart of universe; always there, always full, always amazing.
Others live a life with empty hearts; a life of struggle, sorrow, loneliness.

The choice of a heart is always there,"to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"*.

*a quote from Thomas Campbell