Sunday, February 12, 2012

"fog on a shower mirror"

He was a teacher, and I guess teacher never retire. So was him,always trying to teach something as we took care of him. I kind of like him as a patient. He was a philosopher with a sound mind, which was amazing at his age of eighty eight.

One day I told him that his medical history was long but I hoped that his resume might be longer than that. He smiled and replied in a funny way that he did not want to leave a medical legacy like a disease after his name but he wanted to leave behind a legacy of mind..

As days goes by in hospital, one day he talked to us about shadows.He asked us to think that why we have shadows when we walk toward light and why there is a fog on a shower mirror after we end up a bath.

You don't find shadows in the dark or a fog on a shower mirror when you go in for a shower.He continued to enlighten us by saying that life's challenges reveal as shadows or fog. The work is to become pure and part of the light. Darkness hide shadows only to reveal to those who walk towards light as a warrior of light to conquer their own shadows

What was that all about? I still wonder sometimes.

Sometime it is not what we assume and sometime what we assume is not what it is.


Hilary said...

What an interesting mind.. his and yours.

Sonnet of a Spirit said...

I would love to have him as my teacher. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Mishi said...

Hello Danish.....Long Time...and Nice read...the last line of this read explains it all! a well written and thought provoking piece:-)

Jean said...

Getting playful? But then we are all children even at 88 years of age.

The playing is the living... The wonder of it all... We all need a daily trip to the playground of Why... Sometimes there we do dress up as warriors... Do we really need armor? When removing the armor is the greatest battle of all!

Shazia said...

This has such a lot of depth! When you are right in front of light, the shadows (challenges) fall right behind you...amazing thought!

Sumaiya Hasan said...

That was really deep...took me a while to understand ;) but very interesting..I wonder how intelligent this man must be