Friday, February 24, 2012

" lets postpone death"

He was suffering with a diagnosis of failing lungs and his lungs were unable to do the basic function of oxygenation. The disease was progressive and the prognosis was poor.

The dilemma was that he wanted to live and death was not yet imminent. There was struggle, argument, desire, wish but no hope. That was a phase of shadows as I saw his death peaking through the corridors of passing by tomorrows.

One day he asked me, lets postpone death. I looked at him with humility. I said nothing. That was a perfect nothing I knew then but I still remember that moment of nonverbal communication, and how badly I wished I could..

Some follow their course of disease and life as “all diseases run into one, old age.”*
Others who are diagnosed with cancers,they get calendars of death in terms of 3 month survival to years of survival. Then there are those who surprise us, they live beyond their calendars.

I wonder with feelings of random joy in some predictions to level of sheer sadness in other cases. Probably the word sad summarizes it all: struggles,arguments,desires.

*a Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote


Jean said...

So rich in thought.

Struggles, Arguments, Desires... This summary of 'ups' [random joy], 'downs' [sheer sadness] and 'in every direction' [peaking though the corridors of tomorrows] is where we live and thus breathe deep.

So rich in thought.

Sonnet of a Spirit said...

I agree with Jean. So rich in thought, indeed. It would've been a fairytale come true and a relife honestly, if one could look into his eyes and say "Yes, we shall postpone death for another few years". But, unfourtantly, life doesn't work that way. And most of the time, death creeps in when you least expect it.

Touching post, and (as Jean said it, and I quote:P) so rich in thought.

Shazia said...

such a deep thought...death is inevitable...we may fool ourselves into trying hard to postpone it,by just pretending to be fighting it through will power, but then the time is fixed and we are faced with death when the Divine being wills...