Thursday, February 2, 2012

"a good heart can be a bad heart"

At one time he was young and full of dreams. Then he got older as we all do. Aging is a measure of time when we look at ourselves. Sometimes our reflection in mirror tells us the truth, other times an in depth vision of CAT scan make us see through in and out. The premise of nothing to hide,the true nature of our being revealed as such without make up.

He was suffering from a failing heart,what we called cardiomyopathy.

He had a good heart, always giving, always forgiving. His family and friends had same opinion. I saw his ailing heart was struggling to keep pumping life force in his body, I wondered about the fate of a good heart.

Some hearts belong to the heart of universe; always there, always full, always amazing.
Others live a life with empty hearts; a life of struggle, sorrow, loneliness.

The choice of a heart is always there,"to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"*.

*a quote from Thomas Campbell


Shazia said...

a good heart never dies, it makes impressions on other hearts, and the impressions grow...good impressions spread like a disease (but in a good way)and hence goodness multiplies!

[Your blog reminds me of my mother]

Sonnet of a Spirit said...

I love this post! Manshallah! Yes I do agree; a good heart can be a bad heart. Just because its appearance is bad, does not mean it is not a good heart. True say:D