Saturday, January 7, 2012

"when love is just not enough"

She loved him so much that she changed her daily routines to take care of him. He suffered from a stroke, paralysed waist down with no hope of recovery.

This was not a fairy tale as I saw her exhausted face weeks after she became a care giver. They had arguments,tears,regrets but a smile or a laugh was not mentioned even as a word on their next follow up visit.It appeared to me that they were together merely of ones need and others guilt. It felt like that love was just not enough to keep them going.

I knew the fatigue of compassion in care givers but I had not seen bleeding love out of what had been built as a love for life contract. So that was it,when love is just not enough.I wondered.

To some love is life,it adds value to live in what life offers.

Others fantasize love as being separate from the challenges which come with being alive.May be those are the one to whom love is just not enough when challenges arrive.

I think love adds colors of a rainbow to life. Though during build up of dark clouds we sometime lose sight of a rainbow which always come with rain,thunder and sun shine ;so is the love, always enough, always there, always to look for.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"a story with a somber ending"

He was dying and she was sitting next to his hospital bed holding his hand.

They were high school sweet hearts.Life took them away when they were ready to commit so they went on their separate ways.Both got married, had children and then left behind when each of their spouses died.The miracle of Internet united them after all those years.That was a story of love.

As I saw them happy,I contemplated about their long awaited yearning for unfulfilled love.Both of them were happy in the shadow of a certain death.Though both knew their journey of coming together to be parted soon.

Some may see a romance of a life time in this story,others find a story with a somber ending.

I still wonder about a possibility that the story might be a long awaited answered prayer of some, to meet again at least once in this life time.