Wednesday, May 21, 2014

“ the moment of truth”

He was old and rusty from outside but nice and shinny on the inside. He had his mind, experience, money, family and  relatively speaking his health, as he counted his blessings. Then he sounded sad and told me that he had regrets of spending too much sleepless nights on worldly matters; counting his successes and failures while his was dying, nothing matters as such, he said.

The moment of truth is always at the hind side. The struggles and the process of going through those during our lifetimes literally blind us with temporary triumphs and setbacks. The bigger triumphs we achieve, the greater the illusion of forever life we get into.

He died of natural cause, we called old age that brought culmination to the illusion that success matters and failures counts in this life. To be honest life is a journey ,we all know but few remember, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey while travelling the road of life as nothing matters in the end except a clear conscious.Those were his last words before embarking into a journey on the other side.