Monday, November 30, 2009

"do more"

Their demand to 'do more', just put smile on my face.
I wonder will we ever learn to put down our foot and say, "it’s your turn".

I wonder will we ever stand up to our own national interests.
I wonder will we ever start behaving like a power.
I wonder will we ever stop doing what we are doing now.


princess said...

well this raises another question.
Does this inefficiency lies in our government only or in our nation as a whole. 80% of our nation is more worried about the flour and sugar crises then the International scenerio. Seems like they are oblivious of the fact that we are the direct effectees of the situation.
I think we need to get out of this self denial situation first, tht too as a nation.

Americanising Desi said...

:) i cant say anything at all!

moi said...

I don't quite get this post,little bit confused.if possible, explain

Daanish said...

moi,just look at the news papers !
this phrase is out there :)