Thursday, November 19, 2009

"collateral damage"

A heart bleed for those who died in the name of collateral damage.

People are dying of unnatural causes over here.
People are killing people in the name of their hate.

A heart bleed for those who died as a collateral damage.

People are looking at their dead, numb with tears of blood asking;
Can someone has any conscience out there?


Americanising Desi said...

nopes. all conscience dead!


sociological !

MEER said...

All of us are responsible for this. Everyone who favors a weapon, a nuclear weapon and violence as a means of achieving any end. We should shun violence. We should condemn nuclear weapons. We should strive for peaceful regional coexistence.Otherwise this senseless collateral damge, a cruel word , indeed will continue!

Daanish said...

Sad situation,sad news,sad leadership;nation with great potential but sadly untapped energy is wasted energy !!

moi said...

I think their conscience are dead, only a miracle can help :)

Anonymous said...

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