Sunday, September 19, 2010

"no home to go back"

He was a all rounder all his life.That was his claim.The medical conditions he was suffering made us belive in his claim.He was a hand full with daily issues.Almost all consult services were involved in his care.

His other talent was being a non stop talker.The stories of his accomplishments,how he lived his life with fun.All life experiences,free love,making money,trying stuffs and the stories after stories about this beautiful house of his dream where he had invested all of his passions.

He will never be able to return to his home with his condition.That was the reality,some say harsh reality of life.

How some one plan life but miss the part of thinking from the end.This is a history lesson.Most people live in a struggle to achieve.
To some Life is a Lie though fill in with Fun which ends up in a hospital or nursing home bed with no home to go back !

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