Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"food is a medicine"

She was admitted with multiple medical problems.Failure to thrive was one of those.Eating food was just not her cup of tea.Always critical about food served to her.Sometimes complaining about taste,the way cooked,undercooked,overcooked,too sweet,too salty,no taste and the creative list goes on.The most amazing argument was when she started to say that "she is full".

Over time her sustenance was provided with tube feeding.Since nasogastric tube was cosmetically not favourable to her,she opted for per cutaneous gastrostomy tube.What a choice,we all wondered.The paradox was that she had no reason not to eat food in a normal way.

How someone get so focused on to not to enjoy life's one of simple oral pleasure is a topic for research.The answers can be varied with different reasoning but can it be as simple as declaring food is a medicine !

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