Friday, September 24, 2010

"where is compassion"

She was dying from day one of hospital admission.Her disease was spreading and no improvement was noted in her condition despite of modern day handy knowledge,men and machines.

Finally family gathered to convey wishes of the person who was getting all sorts of life saving treatments.They disclosed that their loved one never wanted heroic measures and let her die.

While deciding end of life care and measures to keep her comfortable,the notion of compassion was said loudly and silently.The question was raised that since she never wanted all that had been done why delay her death.Each ongoing moment was a disregard to her wishes of dying on her terms.The question was asked,"where is compassion when we delay her death".

To some sitting down,taking time,feeling the love and letting go of the tightly held hand is all part of compassion.

To be honest,in the final analysis we all strive for a decision we can live with comfortably.

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