Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"losing more than one can"

One day I saw this man smoking outside the designated smoking area on hospital grounds.I was very frustrated as he was smoking in other peoples routine walkway.As I approached closer to him from the parking lot,I recognised him as a hospital patient.He was sitting on a wheel chair and he had no hands and no legs.He had amputations for reasons of poor circulation and he was rehabilitating.

The most interesting aspect was that a woman was helping him to smoke,putting cigarrete to his lips,he was inhaling then she was removing cigarrett from his lips and then he was exhaling smoke from his mouth and nose like a chimmney. What a shocker?

I could not take it,so I went to him and without any reservation I said,"sir this is not good".
He looked at me with a piercing gaze and replied,"what he will going to lose".

How some arguments can reach a dead end is amazingly not so simple.The only thing what made him to say what he said was his total disregard to life,his and others.
He made a selfish argument about himself with total disregard to others. His woman companion who was helping him to smoke and peoples using walkway where he was smoking.He was exposing them with his second handed smoke in the truest sence of words.

To some he may be losing more than he will ever know.Perhaps more than losing his limbs,he was losing respect !

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