Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"he is a broken man"

The other day I went to visit this patient.A very proud,self made,professional gentleman whose pride was a little skewed in terms of having a killer instinct.
He had a stroke which made him dependent on others but I saw enthusiasm of a conqueror in his eyes. I saw struggles.His struggle to survive and learn basic daily living skills and his family's struggle to see this proud man's daily losing battle.

One day his wife told me that a health care provider had made a comment that made her very upset.
"He is a broken man",those were the words.
Those words had echoed day in and day out in her mind.Those were the words which torn apart whatever strength left in this wife to care for a stroke survivor,her husband.

How our words can affect family members is a serious awareness issue in medical community. What we say,how we say,our words make or break people.

Words can have life of there own.Words can cause an invisible sharp razor cut or be an invisible soothing angel touch.The words,verbal or nonverbal, have lasting impact upon the morale and coping of families in a stressful time of their lives.

I wonder when will we treat all our patients like our own parents,brothers, sisters, wives,husbands,children,uncles,aunts and grandparents. Perhaps only then we will mind our own words to heal and keep our words like first do no harm !


Americanising Desi said...

sad state!

Tantra Flower said...

So very true. We were fortunate to hear quite the opposite after my grandmother's stroke. Her doctor said, "don't underestimate such a strong woman." It made a huge difference to us, but also to my grandmother, who then felt the need to step up and prove the doctor right. :)

Daanish, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I know I have been absent most of the year, but I do think of my dear blog friends often and wish for the best for you always. Much peace and love to you. XOXO Namaste