Sunday, September 5, 2010

"she had 18 dolls"

The first time I entered into this patient’s room, I got scared. There was a doll in bed beside her that was starring at me. I could not have eye to eye contact,off course with the doll.

She was a patient who could not breathe,talk without assistance and ambulate so was the doll.Later I was told that she had 18 dolls and the stories at nursing station were as imaginative as nurses from different parts of world.

One day one of her favorite physician assistant visited her, and the very next day to our surprise, like we needed one, there was an additional doll,a black doll was in her bed. It freaked out all of us.

As times goes on, nothing happened and my patient took care of her dolls like a live object. We watched as other patients did, but no one said a single word.

How someone can get so deeply attached to an inanimate object is a question for a curious mind. I wonder that her doll collection was something deeper than we will ever know. It may just be a reminder that we can give meaning to any object of our desire. The more I thought about it,I was not so surprised.

Yes, dolls are part of human tradition whether it is in the form of gods, money, power or our egos. It is just we all have dolls with different faces and different names. To be honest we all do love our dolls.

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Shazia said...

Your writings have depth. Great thoughts!