Friday, September 17, 2010

"gourmet ice chips"

He was admitted confused and remained confused over most of his hospital course. What he had done no one knew. His lungs were failing so was his brain.

One day he was driving a truck, the other day he was laying on beach. He was giving instructions to nurses and getting agitated with questions. Almost all of the time he had no idea about what was going on or what he was talking about.In reality he was laying in hospital bed.

The other day he asked us to eat and drink, When asked what would he like to eat or drink, his answer was, ”gourmet ice chips”.

When someone is confuse and still vocal then realities of every day conscious inhibitions come out in open.This takes us to observe interesting aspects of our mind. To some this altered state of mind is nothing but another experience of mind over matter.

To be honest our mind is totally dependent upon matter, call it gray mater or white mater.No mater,no mind. This is it !

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