Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"family need your signature right now"

The physician assistant working with me handed over a piece of paper from some bank. She asked me to sign it,“family need your signature right now”.

The patient was an elderly male just admitted to my service with all sorts of brain bleeds, intracranial as well as extra cranial. He was almost unresponsive. I knew medical part but to my surprise instead of patients medical status update I was asked to sign a paper from a bank. I looked at the physician assistant and said, “No”.

How some families move on to daily life businesses in a fast pace in the midst of a bad prognosis is astounding. Not to over analyze, as Freud's saying, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”, our paranoia about word ‘family’ sometime make us question sincerity of their actions in the midst of a bad prognosis.

To some a quick acceptance of a bad prognosis is quite unhuman.

The acceptance does not only prove that Darwin was so right about evolution and survival of the fittest but probably also prove that for self perseverance humans have yet to evolve.


Bella Eugene said...

Nice blog..
daily ramblings are worth preservation..
you are welcome to mine too

Calm Cool said...

Hard truth !