Sunday, December 30, 2012

“ time can heal or rot ”

Lying in his bed watching television he finally looked comfortable. 

He was suffering from the chronic pains after his infected legs were amputated. His legs were taken off but he was feeling phantom pain; a kind of suffering when you know it is not there but you feel  it there anyway.

He told me one day that time heals all wounds but not his; you need to be connected to your wound to let time heal it. His wounds were taken away with his legs so he can’t rely on time.

To some, time is a measure of moments to test the resilience of those who survive. They are the ones who age with grace; their wrinkles, limps, falls, walkers, canes, wheelchairs and even their prosthesis are considered a time honored ritual as time heals if there is enough of it.

Others struggle with not having enough of time; they blame time management skills or anything else, but the reality lies within them.

Just remember that it is OK to take your time as time has the power to heal or rot; the choice is there.


Raajii said...

Is there a reason why you keep talking about diseases and suffering in all your posts?

TariqMian said...

Dr. Daanish, excellent piece of information and line of thought based on reality.
We should never forget that this can happen to any one.
May God protect us from incapacity. aamin!

Jean said...

Excellent writing with deep meaning. I find your phrase, "But the reality lies within them," yields a whole volume of thoughts to study.

Yes, as you say, "The choice is there," we do choose our lives moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day and most importantly thought to thought.

Thank you again for making me rethink my life. Blessings to you.

K.B. said...

Yes as you point out "choice is there "up to our wit and will the grace or shape whatever we want or wish can mold and do. Yes ofcourse and thought based reality. Mater piece.