Wednesday, December 19, 2012

“ hearts of heroes, lives of legends”

She was under treatment for her lung and heart diseases but she amazed me from day one of her hospital admission. She was nice, pleasant, and a mother-like character.

As days being counted from today to tomorrow and yesterdays looked better than passing by day, I saw her condition was getting worse. At one point her diseases became a poor prognosis from medical standards. As I lead the discussion about her care she chose to keep herself comfortable without any struggle. She said, I had a very good life; no regrets. Her treatment continued with limitations of no heroic measures. The rest of her stay in hospital remained calm, comfortable and being herself; nice, pleasant and a mother-like character till the end.

To some, heroes never die as it happen in movies and legends born of extraordinary circumstances.

Others wonder about the hearts of heroes and lives of legends. They know this every day secret; truly any mother fits into what is thought so rare.


Anonymous said...

Being a mother this feels so good.
Thank you Daanish.

leo said...

Yeah, she was legend, and will remain in our hearts.

Raajii said...

That is truly beautiful!

k.B. said...

Heart of heroes it is rear to look into the hearts who having hard life facing rock like hurdles but never impatient always smile. This what Danish try to convey