Friday, April 30, 2010

"the ways of the lonely ones"

"this life is not merely the what it seems to be.Hidden from our eyes by the cloak of materiality is a wonderful world which only the eyes of the dreamer can see and the soul of a mystic comprehend. The stony walls of conventionalized thought and commercialized ideas shut from view life's noble path. But as the ages pass,some of the greatness of the Divine plan comprehend the glorious destiny of the human soul.Sorrow,suffering and loneliness are the great builders of character. Man never becomes truly great until his heart is broken. That is the supreme test. Those who are deepened and broadened by their experiences rise triumphant from the ruins of their dreams and pass on to fuller destiny"

(" The Ways of The Lonely Ones" by Manly Hall)


Americanising Desi said...

i took a lesson from my heart break - wonder why not anyone wants to follow that

Daanish said...

there are no lessons,just experiences,stop wondering as in the ways of the lonely ones who knows what is going on and who is following what!