Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"the most content soul of all"

He was a well accomplished doctor who was now a patient. He was living on a ventilator, as life had almost taken away his breath.

The other day he got my attention by tapping his service table. He wanted attention all the times as we knew rather by a surprise. He was a practicing physician when all that happened which change his role from a doctor to a patient in the house of gods.

One day he wrote down that he has so much to offer but his limitations had made him useless. I looked at him, I told him that he was the best in what he used to be. Just keep the memory alive with thoughts of those times when he helped strangers,as we call them our patients. He remained miserable as he got stuck in his thoughts.

To some,being valuable by offerings is the only way they value themselves.To others, being who they really are matters at all,their struggles start and end with them, they own their experiences.They may have the most content souls of all.

I wish he may had valued himself as who he was once upon a time !

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Kadri Luik said...

It's so easy to think that what you do also defines who you are though it is how you think that makes the definition and the action is only a biproduct.