Sunday, January 9, 2011

"a persistent hugging state"

He was getting better day by day.He was funny and was in love.All of us were happy for his long awaited recovery until one night his heart rate got out of control.Matters of heart,as we know, are always serious weather in romance or in medicine.His heart stopped,the circulation of blood stopped and then with resuscitation he was revived. A life saved in front of us.

The cost was high.His brain got severely affected by lack of oxygen during moments when heart had stopped.Again in romance or in medicine heart rules brain follows.

Over days to follow his recovery,it was saddening.He was on a ventilator and he had developed contracted arms and legs.He was mouthing words,unable to recognize,unable to see,unable to voice love to his loved ones.

Life with its mysteries bring stuff which we interpret according to our desires.

To some, his tightly contracted arms againgst his chest were a persistent hugging state while others saw an incapacited man with a terrible outcome in modern day life saving endeavor.


Anna Sergi said...

That is every thing in the world that people can judge being one way or the other.
The persistent hugging state is what a lot of people cannot see anymore, which is why a lot of people lost faith and capacity to look beyond.

irfanuddin said...

agree here......Matters of heart is always serIous, be it any case.... and like this very state, there is same way for every thing i suppose..... either THIS or THAT !!!