Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"life hoppers"

Everyone love life though for some living life is both an art and science. Some people love to live and others are living to die as everyone does. Then there are the life hoppers.

He was admitted again, as I saw his name on the chart. I knew him from his last admission and other admissions over the years. Every time it looked as that was his last time there in hospital but every time he made it back to life. He was just not ready to hopp off life..

What is that which makes some people like him to stay back despite of all odds. He had End stage renal disease and was on dialysis, heart blocks and got pacemaker, he got stomach bleed and it was managed, he got pneumonia and other infections, and he survived. He was an ordinary man but I saw his survival journey through medical and surgical interventions.He was a true life hopper as we called him.

Is it science of medicine which keeps people alive or there is some thing beyond that. A question with a potential answer which can trigger more questions. To some, we die as we live; life is all about an experience of dying from the beginning. The life hoppers are the ones who give us a sense of understanding of what is there, beyond and near to most of us:.A question of having a quantity life in years to count versus a life full of fervor- a qualified,dignified life of self preservation keeping private what is our privates.

Life is not a simple journey anyway..............


Tariq.MJ said...

Some people love to live while the others live to love.
Despite one's endeavors or depressive thoughts life can not end a second before or a second after the date of expiry.
This is good creative work, Daanish!
Keep up your intelligent work of curiosity.

Red Handed said...

a beautiful thought provoking post.

Jean S said...

Some of us are life hoppers, I agree. We make the journey in many different ways as you describe.

Thank you for probing us to think about our journey. As you say life has many private moments that need light to shine on so they won't be so dark.

May your New Year's journey be lit with growing wisdom to share with fellow travelers.

KB. said...

To ponder is not enough,viewers, readers should digout the grace of this thought provoking heart touching post. Beauty of life is love to live and live to love.