Sunday, April 6, 2014

" mars or moon"

He was living and ticking as some will say at his best at age 94. He was blessed in many ways but the best part he told me was that he was able to escape from doctors until age 74 when he got his knee surgery. I saw him sitting in a chair doing his taxes and murmuring about how much Uncle Sam can take from his hard earned money.

He was suffering then from a weak heart and a frail mind. Being living was a privilege for him , and able to breath on his own was a true blessing.

He reminded me that life is a losing battle for us living beings; whatever we do will end one day and, nothing matters as nothing last so as to speak.

He died peacefully as he made his choices to keep him comfortable when he expected to be the most uncomfortable near his end. We did keep our words.

To some, life is a road of moments; one moment lead to another with no return of the same moment ever. Time well spent is the mother of all blessings. But modern day struggles of mind and machine, life and careers, us and them, power and freedom. money and food, and the worst of all, living in an age of political correctness. Our planet is not a happy place any more sadly.

To others, they believe in here and now;  no more mars or moon. They are the ones who wish to save our planet from our own mischief of wars and weapons by saying no to false promises.

We live once so lets live peacefully, eat healthy and live longer. Be happy and make others happy. I wish the secret of world peace was as simple like this.


KB said...

Mars or moon, beautifully narrated the grace and pitfalls of sailing life. A man about to complete a century of his age lying or sitting on hospital bed thoughtful of taxes on his own personal income. He is great, duty binding, honest and disciplined citizen. This is the secret of his long and healthy life. One should not afraid of the END. ENJOY THE GRACE OF LIFE WITH HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

Thinking said...

hmm...such philosophical post but very touchy and true.....I wish that the secret was as simple as that too....hmm...keep writing.

RAJ. said...

This is a peace of thoughtful battles of inner scenes of a cool mind thoughtfulness. Every sentence is a challenge to ponder to choose a successful career with safety and security and happy long life. God bless humanity with peace and harmony.