Thursday, June 8, 2017

"living in your own skin"

Once upon a time we all lived in our own skin then living life made us change. We develop opinions, concepts, likes and dislikes. We interfere, intrude and judge. Life became a tangled pair of socks in a washing machine which otherwise always gets missing.

He was trying to live in his own skin, who is he to judge others. He was very clear but  he  caught me with a surprise as I was asking him  about the noise in his room and offering him options for relief.
 He was admitted after a car accident with multitude of injuries, in a ward with each room housed two patients  at a given time.  His  roommate, the  other patient,  liked to watch TV louder and at odd times.  I was informed by the nurse to  talk to them. So I did.

One was deaf and needed loud noise as to barely hear and other was covered in dressings with barely moving a finger.

To some what is left in the aftermath is a blessing to count. He was happy to be alive and for him  the fasad of loud noise was a sign of life .

As others complaints about the loud noise. They were  caught up in the perception of being a voice for some one who could not care for himself unknowingly that  he did not cared as it was not bothering him a bit.  The noise , and its inconvenience were  blocked by the curtain between their beds, he smiled and made his point.

In life, knowing that everyone was right is truly an amazing experience !!


Jackson Chronicles said...

Again you have shown how simple distractions do not have to be a distraction to everyone, not even to the closest one to the inferred distraction.

Thoughts can be like clouds just passing by. So much in our life could be more enjoyable if we considered them a cloud--passing by--a shape to be noticed but not irritated by.

Wishing you the best,

WritingsForLife said...

Sigh. Everyone is right from their perspective. It's understanding other's perspective is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Great practical piece of writing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent thought and writeup.