Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who Invented the Lipstick?

History is always a fascinating subject to me, especially when I have questions like:

Who invented the Lipstick?

"Lipstick is known to have been used around 5000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia, when semi-precious jewels were crushed and applied to the lips and occasionally around the eyes. Women in the ancient Indus Valley Civilization applied lipstick to their lips for face decoration.[1] Ancient Egyptians extracted purplish-red dye from fucus-algin, 0.01% iodine, and some bromine mannite, which resulted in serious illness. Cleopatra had her lipstick made from crushed carmine beetles, which gave a deep red pigment, and ants for a base. Lipsticks with shimmering effects were initially made using a substance found in fish scales called pearlescence.[2]

During the Islamic Golden Age the notable Arab Andalusian cosmetologist Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi (Abulcasis) invented solid lipsticks, which were perfumed stocks rolled and pressed in special molds, and he described them in his Al-Tasrif.[3] Lipstick started to gain popularity in England the 16th century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, who made piercing red lips and bright white faces a fashion statement. By that time, lipstick was made from a blend of beeswax and red stains from plants................................................." (reference:Wikipedia)

The article goes on, thanks to Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Two important points worth to be noted:

1.Indus Valley Civilization (make me proud)

2.Islamic Golden Age (make me proud)

By the way,I searched this history about lipstick because I saw this article:

"The Hottest Lipstick Colour Is"............surprisingly!

On a personal note,I like almost all lipstick colours as long as it is non-sticking!


Anonymous said...

Beside colors,I also like taste :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the nude colour too!

Daanish said...

I respect your choice !