Friday, June 26, 2009

is this real or a distraction ?

Is this real or a distraction ?

Living a life with my God's abound blessings.
OMG,I am not thankful to my blessings.

My distractions make me swing from what is real.
The glory of K-2,
The civilizations of Harappa,
The silk route of Khyber Pass,
The salt mine of Khiwara.

You see,I know what is real but here comes my distractions:
Get rich overnight schemes,
Bombardment by advertisements:pretty models as cars,girls,fabrics,stuffs.
Societal pressures,peer pressures to accomplish something,
Do whatever it takes to be there.

I just need a way to keep my focus !
I need to ask :
Is this real or a distraction ?


MEER said...

I like this. But then life is a distraction. consider Finding spiritual thirst quenchers in Sufi thinking. read hazrat Hajveri(Kashful Mehjoob), Bhulleh Shah, Hussain Shah, Rumi, ghazali and so many others. But I still love looking at beaytiful new cars , reading about their technology and many yeah materialistic things in life!


i got confused !! @_@ well that is surely a sign of good writing and a master-to be born !!!

Kadri Luik said...

The distractions never lasts and they taste dull within moments after touching my mind.

Have a nice summer! =)

Daanish said...

Agree with all your comments:
Meher,Name Fame,Kadri

distractions are attractive but short lived,but they got us as hostages !

Sadaf Hafeez said...

I can see myself going through the same turmoil a couple of years down the lane... *sigh* :(

So you have finally left for abraod. What does your experience says ? Should every medical student , given they can afford it , try to grab a foreign qualification...? Simple post-graduation from one's own country wouldn't lead to a fulfilling career ? Kindly give your opinion.