Saturday, June 20, 2009

"this one for you papa"

Today I was stuck in traffic at a cross road.
While sitting there,I saw from my car's rear view mirror;
A car with three children in school uniform sitting on back seat.
The driver was a man with a smile on his face.
But his eyes were back and forth looking at his wrist watch.

While sitting at that cross road,I remembered you papa.
Dropping us to school and getting late for your work.
You always smiled,never complained.
I remember your smiling face papa.

I am grown up now,I am not a kid now.
And it has been a long time that I said this to you.
May be I never told this to you.
I never saw it coming.
And it has been a long time that I said this to you :
"I love you papa".

As I entered Harvard's parking lot,I said.
"I am on the top of the world because of you papa".

Then in my mind this song echoed:
"You raise me high because I was on your shoulders ".

And I felt that my papa was smiling back to me !


AD said...

ahh papas' are just the best!

tantra flower said...

You brought a tear to my eye. It is a happy tear though. :)

Gaia said...

lovely! :)

Itzme said...

great words..

Daanish said...

Happy Father's Day to all :)

Kadri Luik said...

This is so beautiful! =)

Here fathers day lack importance other than that the stores try to sell stuff that people don't need.

So many fathers go through life not knowing how much they mean to the kids.

Emogirl said...

I love this. =).

Emogirl said...

I love this. =).

Daanish said...

thanks Kadri and Emogirl :)