Sunday, October 11, 2009

"nobel piece prize"

I heard the News !!
But I want my piece of prize !!

I wish some day we will get a Nobel Prize.
But for now I would like to share my thoughts about getting a Nobel prize for my country.

I think people of Pakistan should be nominated at least for a piece of Nobel prize in some category, say in "human sufferings".

The criteria can be very stringent but we are Pakistanis,a wounded country with stabs from its own,we can easily compete with others !!

No electricity,still same electric bills,who cares.
No safe water,who cares,
No sugar,who cares.
No safety,who cares.
No business,who cares
No law,who cares
No justice,who cares
No leader,only jugglers,jokers and thieves,who cares.
No parliament,yes a dummy parliament who cares.
No jobs for well deserved educated people,who cares.
No respect to countrymen,can be for sale to other nations,who cares.

Yes we have Edhi and like souls,but who cares (certainly not the nobles).

Our people are still living and keep on living against so many odds.
Our people are carrying the burden of the rest of the world.

My fellow countrymen you deserve a piece of Nobel Prize!
I wish you the best,I love you no matter what,with or without a Prize !!


Anonymous said...

man...thats wat i used to say to my mommy all the time...we deserve a noble prize

Tantra Flower said...

The people of Pakistan have suffered a great deal. I could never know personally how much. Thank you for sharing, Daanish. Much love and wishes for peace and happiness for you. Namaste

Americanising Desi said...

i still wonder sometimes... how the hell am i actually alive!

Daanish said...

Tantra Flower,
Americanising Desi,

Thanks for comments.

I am very hopeful,and I pray for PEACE on Earth,ameen.


PEACE for whom Daanish ?? :)) . nice .. i hope Mr. Nobel winner tries to have Peace for most related ..

a very very good writing :)

Peace again !

Ash said...

don't you think we are over qualified for the criteria of noble prize

Anonymous said...

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