Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yaay,today I am one year older than last October 13th.

I want to age with grace !
I want to celebrate my aging !

And yes I did !!

So my dear,
Yes,I had desires of conquest,glory and victory once upon a time,
Until one day,I saw myself in the mirror facing myself.
That day,I saw myself getting conquered by the passing by time.

Yes,I know:
a look in the mirror,
a need for having reading glasses,
a shade of snow in head,
a graduation certificate date
a news of a colleagues's death !

Those are the reminders:
"sub thath para rah jaway ga,jub laad chalay ga bunjara".

And the life goes on to a life hereafter !!


Tantra Flower said...

It's easy to celebrate aging when you consider the alternative. :)

How are you, dear Daanish? I hope very well. Wishing you much peace and joy. It's always a pleasure to read you. Namaste

Daanish said...

Tantra Flower,so true while considering the alternatives :)

Thanks for your visit,be blessed,


Happy Birthday ! (Belated)

The poem was fun and also sarcastic (i found it like that) .

Do drop in !

Ash said...

bleated happy birthday Daanish!

May you have countless happy memories with each moment passing by so when ever you see the snow of time in your hairs, they remind you each and every blissful moment related to them :)

Americanising Desi said...

libras do age with grace anyway :)

Magdalena said...

= )

Daanish said...

thank you all:)

M. Umer Toor said...

Never forgetting what the pointers point to. Masha Allah

Aarini said...


Great to see a fellow libran, for once those were my feeling exactly on my bday!